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June 21, 2010


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Thank you for this wonderful conversation. PHP Fog is building the service you guys are talking about exactly. Contact us directly for more information ([email protected]). I would love to talk with you guys about the vision.

Gabriel Ramuglia

Listening to the question about, what happens when the user can't modify the stack, something struck me. Really, what you're talking about here harks back to the shared hosting environment. Plenty of people use shared hosting with a control panel, because they can't be bothered with keeping up their own platform. Unfortunately, shared hosting only scales so far, so eventually people, when deploying dedicated servers or VPS's, are required to either manage the entire stack themselves or pay for managed hosting.

What you've got here with PAAS, is the ability to let people treat their hosting environment as a shared hosting service, even once their needs scale beyond what typical shared hosting offers. As such, people who are already managing their own servers, managing their own stack, are really not the target users here. In any shared hosting environment, you've got some users who want the platform upgraded to support software version xyz, and this will be no different.

So really it shouldn't be thought of this PAAS thing taking over dedicated hosting / colo customers and limiting their choices, it should be seen as taking shared hosting to the next level, allowing people who really don't want to run dedicated servers to continue on a shared hosting model beyond a typical shared hosting level of usage.

Just my 2 cents on that issue.


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